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Below are links for the Shows that are Included in the Sweepstakes standings. There is no list of the shows that are not included at this time. Recently there have been so many show reports sent in as email attachments that I have not had time to print them, so creating a list of shows NOT included from the Sweepstakes program would list MANY shows that are probably in my "In Box" until I can print them. I am working as fast as I can to get them all printed and recorded, but it takes time. Please bear with me. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: Show reports may have been sent by a Show Secretary and simply not received. Many Show Reports get lost in the mail or in cyberspace. If you contact a Show Secretary to inquire whether reports have been sent or not, please be polite..

Also, a number of the shows were only held a short time ago so the Show Secretary may not have had time to complete the reports yet. 

The possibility also exists that a Show Report was received and misplaced. We will have a more accurate assessment when I have all of the reports printed and recorded.

**  Please remember that reports are received on a daily basis. It is improbable to have every report entered and posted all the time.

Should you have any questions regarding the Show Reports that are included or not yet received, please feel free to contact Dick Gehr. Please be sure to include information pertaining to your query (show date, sponsoring club, location, and details as to your inquiry.) 

                               Dick Gehr -



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