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Officers and Zone Directors

The LRCA has a group of directors which represent various areas of the country.  They express the areas concerns at executive meetings and share any pertinent news with the rest of the LRCA.  Please feel free to contact your Zone Director, or any LRCA Officer.


Lynn Eden
(971) 241-4582

Wendy Lange
(509) 750-1758

Sandy Bennett
59 Maple Knoll Court
Prosperity, SC 29127
(803) 960-6167

Thomas Sabrey
(440) 238-1147

Zone 1 Director
Jennifer Burr
(315) 529-7860

Zone 2 Director
David Thomas
(478) 923-6308

Zone 3 Director
Bill Bramble
(856) 981-0569

Zone 4 Director
Deanna Clouse
(574) 370-0441

Zone 5 Director
Steve Zaruba
(563) 252-1764

Zone 6 Director
Patrick Eden
(971) 241-4582

Zone 7 Director
Janet Lorenz
(832) 622-6682

Zone 8 Director
Molly Pease
(971) 409-4178

The zones of the LRCA and their corresponding states
(Zone 1)  New York, Ontario, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,   
                 Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec 
(Zone 2)  Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, 
                 North Carolina, South Carolina 
(Zone 3)  Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania,
                 New Jersey 
(Zone 4)   Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, 
(Zone 5)   North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, 
(Zone 6)   Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Manitoba 
(Zone 7)  Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, 
                 Colorado, Mexico 
(Zone 8)   Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, 
                 Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia 
(Zone 9)   California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii 


 Your Officers and Zone Directors would appreciate it if you would please always be certain to note the time zone to which you are calling from and to. Although it may be 8:00 AM on the East Coast, it may be 'quite early' in other parts of the Country.  This would be the same for on the West Coast.  It may be 8:30 PM there, but it can be 'much later' in the evening elsewhere.  As a courtesy, please remember to check your time zone, and that of the person you wish to contact, before making your call.  Thank You!! 


Zone 9 Director
Jennifer Badger


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